jack nicholson (you sly b*st*Rd)

punch needle with wool and acrylic yarn
wooden frame found in alleyway behind old apartment, 2021

Jack Nicholson is cool. He’s fucking crazy, and relatable and a sly b*st*rd. He’s had such a prolific career. His characters are “complex” - self-tortured men. Jack Nicholson really is a Man. He. At his peak of delusion. Light of My Life, I am Not going to Hurt you, I’m just going to bash your f*cking Brains IN. smiling. I drew him badly. How threatening is he when he’s represented poorly? His fiery anger is emasculated through yarn. This image had to move into yarn as I wanted to see how the material and history of punch needling subverted Jack Nicholson as a sybmol of hyper-masculinity. The violent act of stabbing soft yarn through the Monks cloth just like Jack Stabs Through The Door. The image of a “Man” trapped in a “Woman’s” craft.

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